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Through the present document the General Conditions are detailed that will bind FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN and the User in the processes of commercialization of boat tickets through the present web site, conditioned to the acceptance without modifications of the same one so that the legal relation between the parts takes full effect.

The User declares that he or she is over 18 years of age and/or has the legal capacity to be bound by this agreement and to use this website in accordance with the General Conditions set out herein, which he or she understands and understands in full.


The sale to the User of tourist products and services through the website will be carried out by FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN, which has the necessary permits and licenses for the development of its activity.

In particular, the User of the Web site agrees that he or she will only use the Web site for himself or herself and that any products or services purchased through the Web site will be for his or her own use or consumption or that of persons on whose behalf he or she is legally authorized to act. The User will not resell products or services acquired through the website to other people. The VAT applied to the service is the general rate of 21% and the reduced rate of 10% for those operations and services that are applicable according to the VAT Law.

FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN will be responsible to the User for the fulfilment of the obligations derived from the regulations in force and from the terms and conditions of sale of each of the products and services or package trips that are contracted, without FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN assuming any obligation or responsibility for those products or services that it does not provide or sell directly to the User.


FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN has a simple and fast ticket search and purchase system:

Select the date of departure and the number of adults, minors and infants under one year of age.

The screen will show you all the available options: all the schedules and prices.

Select your best departure and return option.

Fill in the requested data to start the purchase process.

The purchase process will take place once you complete the payment details and confirm them.

The User, at the end of the purchase in a valid way, will be able to visualize the ticket and print or save it.

The User will also receive an email with the data and confirmation of the ticket purchase.



The FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN ticket is unique but can be transferred to another user, but when boarding with the ticket, it will not give access to other users with other copies of the ticket, so once the user has accessed the ship, any other copy of the ticket will deny its holder access to the ship. If the company finds that the ticket is a forgery, it may refuse access to the ship.

The holder of the ticket is covered by the Compulsory Passenger Insurance, and the company is not responsible for any damage caused by the passenger's negligence or by failure to comply with the safety regulations indicated.

You should keep your ticket for any claims or complaints.

Boarding card

The ticket is the boarding card itself, so the user, once the purchase is made, receives the ticket without the need to make any further formalities prior to boarding. In the case that the user needs to carry out any step prior to boarding, the ticket obtained will specify the action to be taken by the user before boarding.

In case of loss of the ticket FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN does not assume any responsibility for this loss.


It is important that the User respects the timetable to guarantee the boarding in a correct way.

Only the User, his/her companions, minors and babies in his/her charge, will be able to board with the same ticket through the passenger accesses.

Documentation required for shipment

The User and his or her companions must always have the necessary documentation in accordance with current law: DNI, PASSPORT or NIE. The documents must be original and in force.


The User may not board the ship with baggage. The following will not be catalogued as luggage: handbags, plastic bags, computer cases, baby carriages and other similar everyday items, the number of such items per passenger being limited to 3. The company and the crew of the ship, are not responsible for jewelry, jewelry, money or valuables owned by passengers. It is prohibited to carry on board illicit trade goods and dangerous goods.

Cancellation or Amendment of Tickets or Tickets

The cancellation or cancellation by the passenger of tickets or tickets issued for a specific tickets issued for a specific date and time can only be cancelled or cancelled by the passenger 48 hours before the day of departure, in any case you are entitled to the following refund for cancellation or cancellation:

  • To 20 days before the day of departure: 100% refund.
  • Up to 5 days days before the day of departure: 50% refund
  • Up to 48 hours before the day of departure: 25% refund
  • Within within 48 hours prior to the day of departure: 0%.

Changes or amendments by the passenger to tickets or tickets issued for a specific date and time or tickets issued for a specific date and time can only be changed 48 hours before departure. before the day of departure, in any case there is an administrative handling charge of 12 euros for each change or modification of tickets issued and are subject to the availability of seats subject to the availability of free seats on the dates and times for which the change or modification is intended. the change or modification is intended.

Procedure for cancelling or cancelling, modifying or making a change to a ticket or ticket to a ticket or ticketThe user must send a written request by email to, attaching the boarding document (ticket) and the last 4 digits of the document (ticket) as well as the last 4 digits of the bank card with which the purchase was made or, if applicable, the the last 4 digits of the bank card used to make the purchase or, where applicable, the proof of payment through the POS of the pier, you must also include the telephone number and/or e-mail with which the reservation or ticket purchase was made. In the event that the customer does not follow this procedure within 48 hours before the day of departure, it will not be possible to cancellation, cancellation, modification or the intended change will not be possible.

In the event of no-show on the day and at the time scheduled for departure, the user shall not be entitled to any refund of the amount paid for the shall not be entitled to any refund of the amount paid for the Ticket. Ticket.

Children and pregnant women

Minors must travel with an adult companion who will be solely responsible for them. If the person accompanying the minor is not his or her father, mother or guardian, he or she must provide a specific authorization signed by his or her father, mother or guardian along with a photocopy of his or her ID card and must communicate this at the time of booking or purchasing the ticket in the observations section.

Pregnant women may travel but the company may request a medical certificate authorizing them to travel from the 28th week of pregnancy. In any case, they must communicate this at the time of booking or purchasing the ticket in the comments section.

People with reduced mobility and disabilities

Passengers with reduced mobility must notify this at the time of reservation or purchase of the ticket in the comments section and must be accompanied by a person who will assist them during the journey. Both ground and on-board staff will provide assistance at all times to ensure that the journey runs smoothly. At the time of boarding, this may be before or after the other passengers. Once on board the staff will indicate the most suitable place for the trip.


It is completely forbidden to board any type of animal except for those for the visually impaired, in which case they must be provided with the animal's certificates prescribed by the competent authorities. This circumstance must be communicated at the time of booking or purchasing the ticket in the comments section.

Cancellations or delays in departures and/or arrivals

If your trip suffers any kind of delay in the departure and/or arrival, as well as any cancellation, you can claim to the company FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN, which will respond to your claim.


Prices are specified in full, including taxes, fees and handling charges.


Credit card payments.

The user declares that he is the legitimate owner of the payment instrument and as such, he can legally make the purchase, under his own responsibility.


Regarding the processing of personal data and without prejudice to other legal obligations in compliance with the provisions on data protection, personal data collected will not be processed or used for any purpose other than the purchase of the ticket, or kept longer than necessary. Personal data shall be deleted automatically and without undue delay after the safe completion of the ship's voyage or, as appropriate, after an investigation or legal proceedings following an accident or emergency.

The User also declares that all the information provided by him/her for the purchase of the ticket is true, complete and accurate.


The promotional code provided to the user FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN by any means or provider is not cumulative with other offers and promotions and can only be used on the website.

FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN reserves the right to invalidate the promotional code if it detects that it is being used fraudulently.

The promotional code may be used by the customer who made the purchase or by a third party to whom the buyer has assigned the bonus.

Each promotional code is unique and will be subject to the period of validity and specific conditions indicated on the code.

In the event that the user cancels a purchase that has generated a promotional code, that coupon will be cancelled, if it has not yet been used.


FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN offers this web site in the state in which it is presented, FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN makes the greatest efforts to update, maintain and operate the web site and cannot guarantee the absence of technical faults, the infallibility of the service through the web page, nor that the system or portal is operative at all times.

The limitation of responsibility of FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN will be the one established by the legislation applicable to the effect and especially the regulation to the travel agencies. In any case it cannot assume the responsibility on direct or indirect damages by lost profits or emergent damage derived from the sale of a product or offered service, that by other people's cause or negligence of the supplier of service or product could be caused.

If due to force majeure (including, but not limited to, political or economic disorders or instabilities affecting security), deficiencies are derived in the reservations, confirmations and/or execution of any trips or services that are contracted through FLY BLUE - GREAT CATAMARAN, For circumstances that are not foreseeable or solvable by FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN or if it is even impossible to comply with some of the agreed services, FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN and/or the companies of the FLY BLUE group are excluded from any legal responsibility derived from these deficiencies or noncompliances, unless it is clearly stated that FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN lacks professional diligence.


FLY BLUE - GRAN CATAMARAN has a customer service available for any additional information or questions you may have. Our communication channels are:

By phone 663 827 986


Customer service hours are listed at the bottom of the website.